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// …

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▬ “Alright, what’s up Juvia?”

"Ju-Ju-Juvia..w-would like to g-go on a date with you, Gr-Gray-sama!!!"

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"Spit it out!"



Send 'SPIT IT OUT!' and I'll randomly generate a number. Whatever number it is, my muse will blur it out to you!

"I want to have your babies" 


"Of course I would!"


"J-Juvia isn’t sure how we can make babies if we are both females…"

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» Not Taking No For An Answer… || artisticicystripper ||

"Gray-sama! J-Juvia wants to ask you something very important!"

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             ^    |               You’re (still) a part of everything I do                           |    ^
             v    |                       You’re on my {-heart-} just like a tattoo               |    v

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peace sign yeahh

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I’m tired, sick, and bored. So I crappy doodled actual Lyon-Elsa and then suddenly Gray-Anna happened.

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